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About Us

Flyhub was founded in 2020, as a subsidiary under Stanbic Uganda  Holdings Limited a member of Standard Bank Group, the  largest Banking Group in Africa, with key subsidiaries including  Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited, Stanbic Properties Uganda  Limited and SBG Securities.

Flyhub is a digital innovation and solutions hub whose core objective is building digital economies through the automation of work, building platform businesses, and supporting organization to leverage data and analytics in their decision making. We develop innovative digital solutions that deliver exceptional client experience and superior value for our clients. We offer a personalized and bespoke service to our clients with a major focus on high quality research. Flyhub strives to offer the best-execution with access to markets not only across East Africa but other regions.

The Flyhub Uganda office serves as one of the hubs in the Africa Regions and is currently staffed with a team of over 15 professionals with competencies that include Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Solutions Architecture, Systems Engineering, Cloud Computing and Product Development. The Company enjoys a dearth of deep and varied experience in working with international partners like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft to deliver solutions.

Our Purpose

We are a digital innovation and solutions hub aiming to build a digital economy through the automation of work, platforming of businesses and leveraging of data to make informed decisions. We help you provide innovative digital solutions that deliver exceptional client experience and superior value.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred technology enabler of the digital economy in Uganda by providing innovative digital solutions that deliver exceptional client experiences and superior value.

Our Culture

We give our people both the freedom and responsibility to create work that makes them stand out. We truly believe this is part of what makes our company and our products excellent! While some of us work remotely, you will find most of us at our office in Kololo, Kampala. Our gardens serve as a work space, meeting room, lunch spot and leisure activities grounds.

Our Partners

We partner and collaborate with capable local and international firms across various disciplines and industries to deliver world class solutions that meet our client’s needs effectively and efficiently.

Our Reality

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With 70% of people operating in the informal economy, adoption of Digital Technology by businesses and organizations in Uganda has been slow and fragmented resulting in inconsistent service experience, high cost to serve and limited ability to scale.

Even where digital platforms and data containment organizations exist, they are not connected leading to a lack of the data aggregation necessary to build strong user profiles for service customization.

The lack of strong automation and digitization in enterprises causes productivity losses as organizations continue to suffer from human errors and repetitive tasks instead of creatively tackling new issues.

Flyhub is building several platform solutions and focuses on transparency, low fees, secure technology, coupled with solving customer and business pain points.

What Digitization Means for Flyhub

  • Digital platforms and applications- Where the business happens. These enable our clients to engage digitally with their customers using our cloud-native, reliable, secure, and scalable platforms including Real  Estate, Investment, Lending, and other Business platforms

  • Robotic Process Automation- How people work. We automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks to increase efficiency,  improve customer experience, and free up government, Financial  Service Providers, and large and medium-sized enterprises’ resources to focus on core value-creating activities

  • Applied Data Science- How Decisions are made. We are the expert when it comes to aggregating, processing, and analyzing data to generate quality insights to inform strategy, decision-making, and continuous improvement. All three of these modes of digitization will allow for  more ecosystems to take on digital finance through

  • Cloud Services. Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases, and a broad set of application services over the internet.

Meet the CEO

Digital transformation is no longer a luxury, but a necessary enabler for any economy seeking to maximize the potential of its citizens. As such, Flyhub is Stanbic Uganda’s investment into creating a center of excellence to support the journey that organizations both private and public are taking to make use of the best digital technologies to improve their efficiency, increase their reach and improve the overall experience of all their stakeholders. We are here to help build our digital economy. 

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